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Personality Disorders and Mindreading: Specific Impairments in Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder Compared to Other PDs

Di |2017-03-30T19:45:27+02:0015 Gennaio, 2016|Articoli Scientifici|

The capacity of understanding mental states is a complex function which involves several components. Single components can be selectively impaired in specific clinical populations. It has been suggested that impairments in mindreading are central for borderline personality disorder (BPD). However, empirical findings are inconsistent, and it is debatable whether BPD presents a specific profile of [...]

The Development of the Metacognition Assessment Interview: Instrument

Di |2017-03-30T19:45:27+02:0015 Gennaio, 2016|Articoli Scientifici|

Background: Metacognition is a multi-facet psychological construct; deficits in metacognitive abilities are associated to low social functioning, low quality of life, psychopathology, and symptoms. The aim of this study was to describe and develop a valid and reliable interview for assessing metacognition. Methods: The semi-structured interview, based on the author’s theory model of the metacognition [...]

Metacognitive Dysfunctions in Personality Disorders: Correlations with Disorder Severity

Di |2017-03-30T19:45:27+02:0015 Gennaio, 2016|Articoli Scientifici|

Metacognitive impairment is crucial to explaining difficulties in life tasks of patients with personality disorders (PDs). However, several issues remain open. There is a lack of evidence that metacognitive impairments are more severe in patients with PDs. The relationship between severity of PD pathology and the extent of metacognitive impairment has not been explored, and [...]